A glimpse of the past around Malacca Street, 1930s, Singapore.

It all began in 1892 when the founding Nomanbhoy set foot in the vibrant city of Singapore, sowing the seeds of a family trading business that would blossom into greatness.

In 1914, he established the very first office and warehouse on Malacca Street, immersing himself in the enchanting world of spices with a business acumen for import and export.

As the years unfolded, the winds of change brought forth a modern facility, yet the soul of company remained steadfast holding to the core values of honesty, reliability, hard work, and integrity. Quality has always been the unwavering pursuit, as both father and son personally inspect each and every precious cargo, ensuring their customers' utmost satisfaction.

Through the passage of five extraordinary generations, the legacy of Nomanbhoy and Sons Pte Ltd has flourished, spreading its wings across five continents and fifty countries. From Africa to Australia, China to Europe, India to the Middle East, creating a vibrant global connectivity. Today, Nomanbhoy & Sons proudly call Singapore home, the beating heart of our operations.

Nomanbhoy & Sons welcome you to join us in shaping the story of our enduring legacy.

Nomax by Nomanbhoy and Sons

Today, our unwavering commitment to our partners, core values, sustainability, and supply chain transparency has earned us the distinguished honor of being one of the oldest establishments in the spices and agro commodities industry, not just in Singapore, but across the globe.

As we evolve and adapt to modern times, we remain dedicated to spicing up your palates for centuries to come.

Purpose And Values

Enhancing Lives through Sustainable Agriculture

We believe that the foundation of quality products begins at the source - the farms. We understand that a good crop not only results in better quality products, but also improves the livelihoods of farmers. As part of our commitment to social responsibility, we collaborate closely with farmers and communities to enhance their farming capabilities, promote sustainable practices, and introduce business initiatives such as ‘farm-to-fork’ to improve their quality of life.

Corporate Values

As a family-owned enterprise, we have a commitment to upholding values that ignite respect, cultivate mutual growth with our esteemed partners. As we embark on the journey of expansion, our dedication to philanthropy take center stage. Guided by our principles of sustainability, we make conscious choices that border onto commerce, leaving a positive footprint.

Business Ethics

At Nomanbhoy and Sons, we embrace a strong commitment to integrity, honesty, and fairness in all aspects of our operations. At every step, we uphold these timeless principles, ensuring that our actions reflect the values we hold which sets us apart.

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